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Classical Concert In Memory of Walter Fekula

Walter Fekula

Join us

Classical Concert
In Memory of Walter Fekula, former President of RCWS
The Russian Synodal Cathedral Choir of New York, under the direction of Peter Fekula, will perform sacred and secular choral pieces of Alexander Gretchaninoff.

Sunday, November 16th at 3 pm
Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest
2 East 90 Street

To order tickets please call 1-800-838-3006 or click the button below

Click the image to download the flyer


InspirationDear Friends:

Over the years, the Russian Children’s Welfare Society (RCWS) has received many thank-you letters from our scholarship recipients. This note is from Alena Chudina, who graduated with honors this summer from the Pskov Agriculture Technical School with a major in Economics: "Your financial assistance for the last four years has helped me so much. Participating in the RCWS scholarship project made me realize how important it is to help others and to be kind. I am very grateful for your support which helped me at difficult moments and showed me the light when it was dark. Your kindness will always be in my heart."

Over ten years ago RCWS launched a Scholarship Program for disadvantaged children in Russia. During this time, the number of participants has grown from three in the 2003–2004 academic year to 51 in 2013–2014. Currently, RCWS is supporting 52 students in the Pskov, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Velikiy Novgorod regions. The scholarship program has been enormously successful in providing a support structure for students as they transition from living in an orphanage to attending a university on their own. Over fifty RCWS scholarship recipients have thus far completed their schooling and found employment. This is an outstanding achievement of which we are very proud.

Spivakov FoundationRCWS has been expanding the scholarship program, adding new partners and increasing the number of participating students. Since 2006, RCWS has supported the efforts of the Spivakov International Foundation, established by renowned concert violinist Vladimir Spivakov, to help develop musical and artistic talent in disadvantaged children in Russia. The foundation’s funds provide costly musical instruments, grants for study in master classes at home and abroad, and chances to exhibit artwork and participate in concerts. The Foundation has also given direct assistance to children in need, covering medical treatment and medicine, wheelchairs and rehabilitative therapy. During the last several years, RCWS has underwritten the transportation and accommodation costs for Russian participants of the annual International Music Festival "Moscow Welcomes Friends."

This spring, RCWS decided to expand our collaboration with the Spivakov Foundation and to award music scholarships to gifted young musicians in memory of our past President Vladimir Fekula. Mr. Fekula personally knew Maestro Spivakov and supporting music and the arts was very close to his heart.

Savva ZverevCurrently, RCWS provides scholarships to seven young musicians affiliated with the Spivakov Foundation. Among them is 15-year-old Savva Zverev from St. Petersburg. Savva studies the violin at the Tchaikovsky School of Music in Moscow. During school breaks, Savva likes to write music. He is an extraordinary young musician with multiple 1st place awards from various music competitions. Savva’s dream is to play the violin in a professional orchestra. Savva believes that being in the RCWS scholarship program can help him significantly in achieving this dream.

Polina ZhelibaAnother student is Polina Zheliba, who is also 15 years old and lives in Moscow. Her parents enrolled Polina in a music school at a very young age, after which she attended the Tchaikovsky School of Music. Polina studies the piano. She was awarded 1st place at the International Competition of Slavic composers in 2009 in France. She was also awarded 1st place in the international competition "Music XXI" in 2010 in Portugal. Polina hopes to continue her education at the Moscow Conservatory. She enjoys playing in the chamber orchestra as well as learning English. According to Polina, participation in the RCWS scholarship program helps to ease her family’s financial situation.

Ravil IslyamovRavil Islyamov (13 y.o.) was born in Vladimir, Russia. He lives with his father in a rented room in Moscow and is enrolled at the Tchaikovsky School of Music. Pavil studies the violin. He has already participated in two music competitions at which he was awarded 1st place. Ravil’s dream is to become a professional musician.

We thank you for supporting RCWS scholarships and other on-going programs. Be assured that your needed contribution will go directly towards changing a child’s life. Please contact the RCWS office if you would like to receive further information about RCWS’s scholarship programs and/or other projects. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and support.

Help Children


Beatrice Fekula


Medical Programs:

RCWS improves the lives of thousands of children at risk in Russia by funding their medical care and supplemental training of the doctors who serve them.

Scholarship Project:

In 2003, RCWS launched a scholarship program to help orphans attain higher education. It has been enormously successful, providing a complete support structure to students as they transition from living in an orphanage to independent life…

Orphanages and Homeless Shelters:

Our goal is to enable orphanages to meet basic needs, and to promote comprehensive programs that help orphans develop into healthy and independent adults…

Annual New Year's Party for Orphans in Moscow:

What began as a modest venture less than 10 years ago has grown into very important and highly anticipated celebration for children in Russia…

Rehabilitation Centers for Disabled Children:

Treatment of children with mental or physical disabilities is limited in Russia. RCWS continues to support rehabilitation centers that provide these children with educational activities, vocational training, art therapy and innovative horse therapy….


The Russian Children’s Welfare Society is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children living in Russia. Founded in 1926, RCWS has since funded numerous programs and supported orphanages, hospitals, educational institutions, and rehabilitation centers that enhance the individual and social welfare of Russian children. Learn More...

What Your Donation Can Do...

would provide lunches for one child at a school during one full academic year.

will cover a blood sugar monitoring device that will serve 25 orphans with diabetes.

will provide a new bed for a child at an orphanage. Many orphans sleep on beds that were purchased 20-25 years ago and no longer meet sanitary or safety requirements.

will cover a sewing machine for an orphanage allowing teens to make their own clothing and obtain vocational training skills.

will cover an annual supply of vitamins for 50 orphans.

will cover an industrial washing machine for an orphanage that takes care of over 100 children, where laundry is still done by hands.

will cover an annual scholarship for an orphanage graduate. Learn more...

will restore the life of a child with severe facial deformity. There is a waiting list at the Moscow Center for Children's Maxillofacial Surgery for children in need of reconstructive surgeries. Learn more...

will cover a minivan for an orphanage in a rural area, providing kids with an opportunity to visit distant educational, cultural and/or medical facilities.

Other Ways You Can Help

RCWS has always received support from artists and others who have, among other things, performed at various RCWS fundraisers including the Petroushka Ball.


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