The 55th Petroushka Ball was held on Friday, February 7, 2020 at The Plaza Hotel and was attended by over 700 guests. 


The 55th Petroushka Ball featured a beautiful performance by mezzo-soprano Serena Malfi and tenor Ben Bliss, appearing by kind permission of the Metropolitan Opera.

The evening entertainment program included a dance by Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina. In addition the Barynya Balalaika Orchestra and the Folk Dance Club “Kaleidoscope” energized the guests with Russian folk music and dance. One of the Petroushka Ball unique features is two distinguished orchestras – The Lester Lanin Orchestra in the Grand Ballroom coupled with the Barynya Balalaika Orchestra in the Terrace Room. 

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the following sponsors and supporters: Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, Access Industries, 3LAB, Susan Carmel Lehrman, CLIVE CHRISTIAN counter at  Bergdorf Goodman, NUTRACEUTICAL WELLNESS, Elena Orlukova and Confident Care Corp., Elke Geacintov, Russian Standard Vodka, Steinway & Sons, NARS Cosmetics, 111SKIN,  Valerio 888, NetCost Market, St. Petersburg Global Trade House and Brighton Bazaar. A special thank you to the RTVI, Media Partner of the 55th Petroushka Ball.  


RCWS would like to thank the 55th Petroushka Ball Junior Committee Co-Chairs: Katya Brody, Paulina Brown, Sophia Geringer, Adrian Fekula, Kira Jordan, Constantine Schidlovsky, Olga Timoshenkova, Yana Worthman as well as the Ball Committee members: Anna Breusova, Rajaa Chouairi, Ilya Dembitski, Adrian Fekula, Beatrice Fekula, Natasha Fekula, Peter Fekula, Anya Holodny-Ferreira, Maria Ross, Tatiana Sarandinaki Kadaria, Dimitry Schidlovsky, Katia Sokoloff. Their help was instrumental in making the 55th Petroushka Ball such a success.

All net proceeds from the Petroushka Ball go directly towards the Russian Children’s Welfare Society (RCWS) charitable programs. Among them are educational scholarships for orphans, medical treatment for children with severe facial deformities (annually over 200 little patients receive surgeries), assistance to orphanages, rehabilitation programs for children with special needs, a “Yelka” (New Year and Christmas tree) party in Moscow for over 1,000 disadvantaged children, and other vital programs.

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The professional-quality portraits by Roman Makhmutov from the 55th Petroushka Ball are available on-line.