Over 16 years ago, RCWS launched a scholarship program for disadvantaged children in Russia. During this time, the number of participants has grown from 3 in the 2003-2004 academic year to 173 in 2019-2020 in the Pskov, Yaroslavl, Moscow and the North Caucasus regions. Over 120 of our scholarship recipients have thus far completed their schooling and found employment. According to official statistics, only 3-4% of orphans graduating from high schools in Russia are accepted to local colleges. These children often lack the financial support, guidance, motivation, and self assurance needed to pursue their college education.

Here are few stories of our new scholarship recipients:

Eduard T., 19 y.o., is an orphan. He was raised in the Pechora Orphanage in the Pskov region. Currently, Eduard attends the Pechora College of Professional Technologies and Service to receive a Diploma in Vehicle Mechanics. In future, Eduard is planning to continue his education in the field of aviation and engineering at the Moscow’s Bauman University or Moscow Aviation University. Sports plays a big part in Eduard’s life; he has been playing basketball since the age of 7. Eduard loved sports, but after knee injury at a basketball game, he started playing chess.

Eduard teachers describe him as a goal oriented young men, who is not afraid of challenges and finds a way to overcome them. Currently, Eduard has no sources of income. Eduard has no parents, his grandmother is very old and barely gets by on her modest pension. RCWS monthly scholarship will be a big help for Eduard.

Maria V., 17 y.o. – is a social orphan, her parents lost their parental rights. At the age of 8 Maria was brought to the Solba Orphanage in Yaroslavl region, where she blossomed and developed her artistic talents. Maria has been drawing since childhood and eagerly participated in Solba’s choir and theater productions. At Solba Maria also learned different drawing techniques, which sharpened her artistic skills and helped to boost creativity. This summer, Maria passed the exams and was accepted to the College of Architecture in Krasnodar to study Graphic Design. RCWS scholarship would help her to purchase necessary books, equipment & art supplies that she can pursue her dream and do what she likes the most – to draw and create. Most importantly, a college diploma and profession would help Maria to find employment and have better prospects in life.

Aleksandra Y., 20 y.o., - is an orphan and has no relatives. She was born in Lithuania. Currently, Aleksandra is a student at the Pskov Pedagogical University with a major in Physics and Mathematics. Aleksandra’s dream is to become a Math teacher. A provost at the University characterized her as a diligent, socially active and inquisitive student.

Additionally, RCWS increased the number of scholarships to young musicians affiliated with the International Spivakov Foundation. With two graduates in 2019 and 9 new recipients, the total number of gifted students recommended by Maestro Spivakov who are currently receiving the RCWS scholarship is 22 students. Here is a story of one of these students:

Nestor S., 17 y.o., was born and remains blind. Nestor is a pianist and a composer. His family cannot provide Nestor with decent financial support because his father is suffering from cancer and his mom is unable to work since she has to accompany Nestor. Despite his physical limits, Nestor graduated the secondary school with a Gold medal. He is fluent in English and Arabic. Currently Nestor is a 1st year student at the College Brass Art, a prestigious musical institution in Moscow. He has been performing in a jazz band. Igor Butman, a Russian number one saxophone player and a worldwide known jazz musician was highly impressed with Nestor’s music talents and his personal qualities. Nestor participated in numerous international and local music competitions. Nestor dream is to have a piano and to continue his music studies.

Congratulations to RCWS new scholarship recipients!

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