Our goal is to enable orphanages to meet basic needs, and to promote comprehensive programs that help orphans grow to be healthy and independent adults. 

Krasnogorodsky Orphanage, Pskov Region

The Krasnogorodsky School and Orphanage currently houses 111 students between the ages of 8 and 19 with various health issues, 56 of which are physically handicapped.

The children at the Krasnogorodsky Orphanage often experience comorbidity, additional disorders co-occurring with their main ailments that require professional medical care and daily treatment. The city center of Pskov is located almost 160 kilometers from the orphanage and the orphanage’s administrators drive the children to the city hospital on a bi-weekly basis for treatment, check-ups and prophylactic procedures. They are under stringent rules by the doctors to bring the children to appointments and are not given the option of not coming or rescheduling. The RCWS acquired a new car for the orphanage to improve the conditions under which the children travel, allow for regular visits to the city hospital, facilitate family visits, and increase the mobility of the students.

Opochka Specialized Orphanage, Pskov Region

The RCWS recently helped the Opochka Specialized Orphanage in Pskov acquire agricultural equipment to increase the yield of the orphanage’s garden and empower the 98 students living on the grounds with practical skills. Most of the children at the orphanage have suffered from a lack of love, family, warmth and recognition and Opochka offers them a family-like atmosphere that forges camaraderie amongst the teachers and children.

Pytalovo Specialized Ophanage, Pskov Region

The Pytalovo Specialized Orphanage houses children who are deaf or have hearing impairments of varying degrees that warrant specialized approaches with regard to their education and development. The RCWS provided the orphanage with equipment for the Music Therapy and Movement Rooms. Music classes allow the children to improve their speech and pronunciation, spark their motivation to study and offer corrective education and development.

Orphanage for children with special needs, Shatura, Moscow region

In spring 2017, RCWS sponsored the installation of 27 new windows at the Orphanage for children with special needs in Shatura, Moscow region. Currently, the orphanage houses 156 children. The Orphanage in Shatura has not been renovated since it was established in 1960s. In addition to installation of the new windows, RCWS covered rehabilitation equipment and supplies to create more opportunities for disabled children to develop and improve their skills. The orphanage provides secondary education (1st to 9th grade), as well as psychological help and speech therapy engaging children in various developmental activities.  

RCWS Moscow team has visited the Orphanage in Shatura and delivered holidays gifts for the children this winter. Ludmilla Koroleva, Head of RCWS Moscow office witnessed the dire conditions and urgent needs of the orphanage, as well as met their dedicated staff. We are thrilled that next winter the kids at the Orphanage in Shatura would live and study in much warmer and healthier environment thanks to the new windows.  

Pushkinogorodsky Orphanage, Pskov region

The Pushkinogorodsky Orphanage is the only institution in the Pskov region that offers treatment to children who have been exposed to tuberculosis.

In spring 2017, RCWS sponsored the art workshops and vocational training programs to encourage creativity and learn professional skills among 143 children residing at the Pushkingorodsky orphanage.

Solba Orphanage

Solba Orphanage

The Nikolo-Solbinsky Orphanage (Solba) is a unique facility that provides girls between the ages of 3 and 16 with food, clothes and medical treatment as well as a progressive secondary education with an emphasis on health and the arts. Currently, over 90 girld live at the Solba orphanage. The goal of the organization is to nurture a rising generation of spiritually, morally, and physically vibrant women. The orphanage is located in the woods, a healthy environment where the girls eat naturally grown food supplied by Solba’s own farm. In 2015, RCWS awarded a grant for the purchase of art supplies, teaching materials, as well as funds to cover the orphanage’s heating and electricity costs. In 2016, RCWS awarded a grant to cover the costs of heat, electricity, boiler maintenance and office equipment. 

In 2017, RCWS sponsored the embroidery and sewing equipment allowing the Solba College to launch the sewing department. Currently, over 300 children are enrolled at the Solba College. Among the students are orphans that reside at Solba and children from low income families from local villages.

The objective of the Solba College is to provide their students with a profession and skills set that would allow them to have a job and a source of income in the future. Sewing and embroidery are very popular trade professions in Russia’s rural areas.

In addition to college major, the sewing and embroidery equipment would allow to make clothing for the children at Solba, costumes for their theater and children’s choir. It would generate additional earned income from sales of ordered clothes and embroidery pieces to cover some of the Solba Orphanage on-going expenses (food, heating, etc).